First contact

Our first contact will be a 5- to 10-minute phone call to make sure I offer the kinds of services you’re looking for. There’s no charge for this.


It’s essential that you find a therapist who feels like the right match for you. With that in mind, I consider our first therapy appointment to be a consultation to see if we’d be a good fit together. If at the end of that appointment you’d prefer not to continue therapy with me, there is no charge for the appointment. Otherwise, that and all subsequent appointments cost $200.


My fee is $200 per 50-minute appointment. I reserve reduced-fee appointments for cancer patients with limited financial means.


I accept credit cards, as well as HSA and FSA cards. In addition, many of my patients find that their insurance offers some reimbursement for my services. I am an out-of-network provider and will give you the documentation you need if you choose to seek reimbursement. You may wish to ask your insurance carrier about your out-of-network mental healthcare benefits, particularly for “CPT code 90834” (therapy).


Because I reserve time in my schedule for each patient, missed appointments or cancellations within 24 hours are charged the full fee. A caveat: to cancel an appointment on a Monday, you must give notice by 12 noon on the preceding Friday to avoid the cancellation fee.


I do not provide emergency services. If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

No Surprises Act