If you’re an insecure overachiever, you are welcome here. Maybe you’re a bright thinker and hard worker, but you never quite feel good enough. You might excel professionally or academically, but new challenges seem to take more work than they should. Maybe this is a longstanding issue, or maybe it only became a problem when you faced a big change in your life like the loss of a relationship, the birth of a child, or the threat of a serious medical illness like cancer. If you feel deflated or overwhelmed by the end of the day, I can help with that.

As a clinical psychologist, I can help you sort through underlying emotional issues, such as anxiety or depression, that may be bound up with your recurrent struggles. Many high achievers brush past feelings of doubt, insecurity, or emptiness as insignificant or at least manageable. But if these feelings keep coming up, they’re probably worth addressing head-on.

I offer therapy for adults dealing with these and other concerns:

  • Academic and professional issues
  • Anxiety or stress
  • Career changes
  • Depression
  • Grief or bereavement
  • Isolation
  • Panic attacks
  • Relationship problems
  • Transition to post-college life
  • Trauma
  • Work–life balance

With video therapy, you don’t need to worry about travelling to and from an appointment during the workday. Private online scheduling and video services allow you get the help you deserve from the safety of your home.