Personality assessments can be useful for people who are struggling to make the progress they want to see in their lives. These assessments can help people understand more about how they see themselves and the world around them, and how those patterns affect their relationships, achievements, and overall health. Personality assessments can also help patients and their therapists or psychiatrists answer questions about mental health diagnoses and treatment.

As a licensed psychologist, I conduct personality assessments for adults who are referred by their therapists, psychiatrists, or other health professionals. My assessments are individualized to answer the specific questions of each patient and referring provider, and they are uniquely designed to inform mental health treatment. I use only the most up-to-date and empirically supported objective and projective measures.

Examples of Questions That a Personality Assessment Can Answer:

  • How do you handle stress and what can you do to handle it better?
  • Why do you keep falling into the same relationship patterns?
  • What are your go-to thinking styles and how do they affect you?
  • What is your mental health diagnosis?
  • What are your psychiatric symptoms and how do you cope with them?
  • What should your therapist or psychiatrist be doing to most effectively help you?

The Difference between Personality Assessments and Therapy

Personality assessments are an addition to therapy, not a replacement for it. My assessments are structured to clarify your mental health diagnosis and to design the type of treatment that will be most effective for you.